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This is an outline of my great-grandmother Stella Lowen Barnett's family tree. I created it as a quick reference for those who may be particularly interested in his line but don't want to go searching through all my posts to find out whether or not, say, Longridge Barnett had any siblings. Also, it'll let folks who stumble on this blog quickly get an idea if my Barnetts, Garrisons, Omans, Lowens, etc. are their Barnetts, Garrisons, Omans, Lowens, etc.

Be advised that I don't have documentation outside of family sources for some of the information you'll find here; other info is taken from census records, online marriage indexes and other databases, or bio sketches published in local histories. Right now, I really have very little in the way of official documents to back up my data--and because this is intended as a quick reference, I have not attempted to show any sources.

I realize that the setup here is a little awkward, especially when it comes to browsing the earlier generations. Eventually, I plan to create a dedicated website with cross-linked pages for each individual. Since the database I'd use to create the content for that site probably won't be in publishable shape for a while, this page is a sort of stopgap measure.

So take what you find here with a grain of salt, but without further ado I give you--

The Barnett Line

My great-grandmother Stella Lowen Barnett's parents were
  • Edwin Allen Barnett (25 Nov 1859-15 Mar 1948)
  • Amy Belle Garrison (10 Jul 1869-c. 1952)
The children of Edwin and Amy were as follows:
  1. Stella Lowen (27 Feb 1890-14 May 1971); married Fred Matthew Waehlte
  2. Fleta Dale (19 Sep 1891-c. Mar 1892)
  3. Benjamin Hollis (15 Aug 1895-Feb 1893); married (1) Leona Vanderburg, then (2) a woman named Viola
  4. Leslie Vernon (5 Jan 1898-3 Jan 1990); married Pearl M. Ackerley
  5. Harlan Adair (2 Jan 1900-17 Jan 2000); married (1) a woman named Aneta, then (2) Garrie Howell
  6. Francis Elwyn (12 Aug 1904-Dec 1990); married Edna Shutter
  7. Lois Alene (26 May 1908-19 Feb 2000); married (1) J. Gilbert Houghton, then (2) Leon Funke
Edwin Allen Barnett's parents were
  • Longridge Barnett (23 Jul 1820-?)
  • Sarah Lowen (c. 1822-?)
Amy Belle Garrison's parents were
  • Peter Garrison (15 Nov 1837-19 May 1917)
  • Sarah Adaline Thomas (21 Feb 1845-3 Dec 1933)

The children of Longridge Barnett and Sarah Lowen were as follows:
  1. Mary E. (c. 1843-?)
  2. Benjamin Henry (Oct 1845-?); married a woman named Lulu
  3. Alice (c. 1848-?)
  4. Florence (c. 1850-?)
  5. Pierce S. (c. 1852-?)
  6. Charlotte (c. 1855-?)
  7. George O. (21 Sep 1857-?); married (1) Elvira J. Alexander, then (2) Katie Reed
  8. Edwin Allen (25 Nov 1859-15 Mar 1948); married Amy Belle Garrison
  9. Minnie (c. 1868-?)
Longridge Barnett's parents were
  • Benjamin Barnett 
  • Elizabeth (last name unknown); I suspect that her surname was Longridge but can't prove it
I know nothing about Sarah Lowen's family.

The children of Benjamin Barnett and Elizabeth were as follows (list may be incomplete):
  1. Elizabeth Longridge (9 Oct 1815-?); married Robert Barrett Lockwood
  2. Margaret (12 Mar 1817-?)
  3. Benjamin Longridge (4 Sep 1818-?); married Charlotte Austin
  4. Longridge (23 Jul 1820-?); married Sarah Lowen
I know nothing about Benjamin Barnett's family or that of his wife, Elizabeth.

The children of Peter Garrison and Sarah Adaline Thomas were as follows:
  1. Neoska May (c. 1867-?); very likely adopted; married Sumner L. Spencer
  2. Amy Belle (10 Jul 1869-c. 1952); married Edwin Allen Barnett
  3. William Lloyd (24 Mar 1873-?); married a woman named Ada
  4. Mary Elenor (2 Oct 1875-?); married Frank H. Bisbee
  5. Harlan Peter (30 Sep 1878-?)
  6. Guy Garfield (19 Jul 1881-?)
  7. Clyde Wilbur (Jul 1885-?); married a woman named Maud Claire (surname unknown)
Peter Garrison's parents were
  • William Garrison (22 Jul 1813-3 Apr 1883)
  • Amelia Oman (31 Jan 1811-27 Dec 1870)
Sarah Adaline Thomas's parents were
  • Wilson B. Thomas (c. 1822-1857)
  • Mary A. (c. 1826-?); last name uncertain, but possibly Hatchet

The children of William Garrison and Amelia Oman were as follows (list missing several who died in infancy):
  1. John (29 Jul 1835-before 1899); married Maranda DePuy
  2. Peter (15 Nov 1837-19 May 1917); married Sarah Adaline Thomas
  3. George L. (c. 1840-?)
  4. Hester A. (c. 1841-before 1899)
  5. Hannah (c. 1842-?); married Mr. Girton
  6. Elizabeth E. (c. 1843-?); married Mr. Riddlesbarger
  7. William H. (20 Jan 1847-?); married (1) Emmogene V. Simmons, then (2) Sarah E. Appleford
  8. Harriet E. (20 Oct 1848-?); never married
  9. Martha J. (c. 1842-?); married Mr. Cooper
After Amelia's death, William married Lucinda Shute, but they had no children.
William Garrison's parents were
  • Mathias Garrison Jr. (30 Oct 1777-?)
  • Susannah Seeley (24 Feb 1784-c. 1828)
I don't know anything about Amelia Oman's family. Others have traced her line online, but I don't know how reliable their data is.

The children of Mathias Garrison Jr. and Susannah Seeley were as follows:
  1. Elizabeth (8 Dec 1801-c. 1870); married Joseph Brierton
  2. Elsie (6 Nov 1803-?); married Jacob Cope
  3. Benjamin; died young
  4. John (8 Aug 1808-?)
  5. Sarah; died young
  6. Rachel (22 Mar 1811-17 Aug 1887); married Enoch Walton
  7. William (22 Jul 1813-3 Apr 1883); married (1) Amelia Oman, then (2) Lucinda Shute
  8. Nathan (3 Dec 1815-?); married (1) Miss Seybert, then (2) Rachel Lyons
  9. Mary (12 Jan 1818-c. 1821)
  10. Mathias F. (24 Apr 1820-?); married Mary Ellen Girton
  11. Jacob (25 Aug 1822-?); died young
  12. Susannah (15 Sep 1824-?); married William H. Harris
Mathias Garrison Jr. also had the following children with his second wife, Mary White:
  1. Alem B. (30 Nov 1833-c. 1843)
  2. Henry (31 Jan 1836-?); married Abigail Brader
  3. Martha (6 Jul 1837-?); died young
  4. Joseph (26 Jul 1840-?); married Sidney H. Pollock
  5. Drusilla (16 Aug 1842-?); married Tobias Henry
The parents of Mathias Garrison Jr. were
  • Mathias Garrison Sr.
  • Elizabeth Fortner (13 Jul 1744-13 Jul 1845)
I know nothing about Susannah Seeley's family.

The children of Mathias Garrison Sr. and Elizabeth Fortner were as follows:
  1. Mary (c. 1772-24 Jun 1850); married Emanuel Kirkendall
  2. Jacob; married Annie Seeley (later the wife of his brother Joseph)
  3. Joseph; married Annie Seeley (previously the wife of his brother Jacob)
  4. Benjamin
  5. Mathias Jr. (30 Oct 1777-?); married Susannah Seeley
  6. Elizabeth; married Edmond Freeman
  7. Rachel; married Matthias Fisher
I don't know anything about Mathias Garrison Sr.'s family. The chatter online is that Elizabeth Fortner was the daughter of Benjamin Fortner and Isabella Douglas, but I am not yet convinced.

The children of Wilson B. Thomas and Mary A. (Hatchet?) were as follows (list may be incomplete):
  1. Sarah Adaline Thomas (21 Feb 1845-3 Dec 1943); married Peter Garrison
  2. Susan J. (c. 1847-?)
  3. Isaac Newton (c. 1854-?); second wife was Fleta Enroughty
After Wilson B. Thomas's death, Mary A. (Hatchet?) married a second time, to William Kies. I don't know if they had any children. I don't know anything about either Wilson's or Mary's family.
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