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This is an outline of my great-grandfather Frank Murray's family tree. I created it as a quick reference for those who may be particularly interested in his line but don't want to go searching through all my posts to find out whether or not, say, George Kincaid had any siblings. Also, it'll let folks who stumble on this blog quickly get an idea if my Murrays, Kincaids, Corbins, Smiths, etc. are their Murrays, Kincaids, Corbins, Smiths, etc.

Be advised that I don't have documentation outside of family sources for some of the information you'll find here; other info is taken from census records, online marriage indexes and other databases, or bio sketches published in local histories. Right now, I really have very little in the way of official documents to back up my data--and because this is intended as a quick reference, I have not attempted to show any sources.

So take what you find here with a grain of salt, but without further ado I give you--

The Murray Line

My great-grandfather Frank Murray's parents were  
  • Maxwell Gulliver Murray (22 Oct 1841-30 Jul 1916), and 
  • Lucy Emma Kincaid (9 Apr 1847-30 Jun 1941)
The children of Maxwell and Lucy were as follows (but be wary of their birth dates--the Murrays liked to fudge!):
  1. Alice "Ali" (14 Mar 1867-12 Jan 1947); married Harry Grant Leibee (Harry Grant and George Leibee were brothers)
  2. Georgia (c. 1869-c. 1891); married William Cramer and died birthing twins
  3. Eva Lucinda "Ev" (16 Mar 1871-16 Jan 1937); married Elam Lyman Rose
  4. Maranda Louisa "Randy" (c. 9 Jan 1872-23 Aug 1932); married William James Kahoe
  5. Eliza "Lyde" (19 Sep 1875-30 Aug 1963); married George Leibee (Harry Grant and George Leibee were brothers)
  6. Oscar (c. 1876-c. 1877); Oscar and his twin sister Lulu died at about 7 months old, according to Mom's Tree
  7. Lulu (c. 1876-c. 1877); Oscar and his twin sister Lulu died at about 7 months old, according to Mom's Tree
  8. Ida May (11 May 1877-7 Jan 1964); married (1) Loyal Downing, then (2) Byron Story
  9. Dorothy "Doll" (22 Apr 1879-24 Dec 1940); married James Atkinson Jr.
  10. Frank (30 Apr c. 1881-18 Oct 1963); married Jennie Ryan
  11. Glenn Kincaid (23 Feb 1883-10 Jan 1869); married a woman named Alice, but the marriage didn't work out and they separated (but apparently didn't divorce)
  12. Max (29 Sep 1885-22 Dec 1952); married Myrtle Nelson
  13. Maude E. (25 Jul 1887-16 Dec 1979); married Fred Eastabrooks
Maxwell Gulliver Murray's parents were
  • Michael J. Murray (?-1840s)
  • Maranda Corbin (c. 1805-29 May 1891); Michael was Maranda's second husband, after William Roberts (?-1827). After Michael's death, she married John Adamson
Lucy Emma Kincaid's parents were
  • George W. Kincaid (23 Dec 1821-c. 1901)
  • Louisa or Emma Smith (?-fall 1853)

The children of Michael J. Murray and Maranda Corbin were as follows:
  1. James M.
  2. Mary (c. Aug 1835-?); married George W. Porter
  3. Lucinda (c. 1838-28 Jan 1820); married Martin Peacock
  4. Luke (have not yet found any proof that he existed)
  5. Maxwell Gulliver (22 Oct 1841-30 Jul 1916); married Lucy Emma Kincaid
Maranda Corbin also had the following children with her third husband, John Adamson:
  1. Henry (Oct 1845-?); married a woman named Frances
  2. John (c. Dec 1846-?)
  3. Edward (c. 1848-?)
Little is known about either Maranda Corbin's or Michael J. Murray's parents or siblings. I've seen some fairly persuasive Internet chatter that Maranda's father's name was Luther Corbin, but I'd like to see some solid evidence before I believe it. There are family stories of an "Uncle Pete Corbin" who is often said to have been Maranda's brother. I don't know anything about Michael Murray except that family documents insist he was Irish, but census records show his children believed he was from Ohio.

The children of George W. Kincaid and Louisa/Emma Smith were as follows:
  1. William Herbert (Dec 1844-25 Sep 1924); married Christina P. Klemgard
  2. Lucy Emma (9 Apr 1847-30 Jun 1931); married Maxwell Gulliver Murray
  3. Harriet (c. 1849-?); married Thomas Davis
  4. Anne; married more than once; one of her husbands was Mr. Anderson
  5. Andrew Jackson (Jul 1850-?); married Sally Mitten
  6. Louisa (c. 1853-?); married James Montgomery
George W. Kincaid also had the following child with his second wife, Mary Walker:
  1. John F. (Feb 1859-?)
George W. Kincaid's parents were
  • James Kincaid (c. 1790-1855)
  • Polly Sanders
The only thing I know about Louisa/Emma Smith's parents is a family story that her mother came from Holland and spoke no English. Louisa/Emma had a brother, Leonard "Len" Smith, who was born about 1821 and is shown living with the Maxwell Gulliver Murray family in the 1880 U.S. census.

The children of James Kincaid and Polly Sanders were was follows:
  1. Nancy C. (c. 1815-10 May 1896); married James Glenn
  2. George W. (23 Dec 1821-c. 1901); married (1) Louisa/Emma Smith, and (2) Mary Walker
  3. Martha (c. 1823-?); married George Siverly
  4. Franklin (c. Jul 1833-?); married Louisa Sprowl
  5. Emma (c. 1834-?); married Charles Davis
  6. Sophia (d. before 1901); married Owen Mendenhall
  7. Two more sons, about whom I know nothing
James Kincaid's father was Revolutionary War veteran Andrew Kincaid. I don't know who James's mother was, and I don't know anything about Andrew's family. Others have traced this line online, but I don't know how reliable their information is.
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