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This is an outline of my great-grandmother Jennie Kathryn Ryan's family tree. Before I go any further, I should note that it's equally possible that my great-grandmother's name was Kathryn Jennie rather than Jennie Kathryn. I've seen it both ways. (She went by Jennie.)

I created this quick reference for those who may be particularly interested in his line but don't want to go searching through all my posts to find out whether or not, say, George Kincaid had any siblings. Also, it'll let folks who stumble on this blog quickly get an idea if my Ryans, Whites, Gleasons, Dorans, etc. are their Ryans, Whites, Gleasons, Dorans, etc.

Be advised that my documentation on this branch of the family is extremely shaky. I don't have documentation outside of family sources for much of the information you'll find here; other info is taken from census records or online marriage indexes and other databases. Right now, I really have very little in the way of official documents to back up my data--and I'm not sure I can trust some of the documents I do have. In the case of birth dates, I have often settled on a "guesstimate" based on an assessment of conflicting dates in multiple sources. But because this is intended as a quick reference, I have not attempted to show any sources.

I realize that the setup here is a little awkward. Eventually, I plan to create a dedicated website with cross-linked pages for each individual. Since the database I'd use to create the content for that site probably won't be in publishable shape for a while, this page is a sort of stopgap measure.

So take what you find here with a grain of salt, but without further ado I give you--

The Ryan Line

My great-grandmother Jennie Kathryn Ryan's parents were  
  • Patrick Ryan (9 Mar c. 1843-10 Feb 1928), and 
  • Jane White (22 Apr 1847-1 Aug 1900)
The children of Patrick and Jane were as follows:
  1. Nellie (18 Jan 1871-c. 1896); became a Dominican nun, Sister Dominica.
  2. Thomas William "Will" (c. 20 Dec 1874-11 Sep 1952); married Jessie Clark
  3. George Edward (18 Mar 1879-14 Aug 1937); married Effie Story
  4. Jennie Kathryn (c. 30 Aug 1882-7 Mar 1947); married Frank Murray
  5. Paul Martin (15 Oct 1888-?); married Dorothy Duniway
Patrick Ryans's parents were
  • Thomas Ryan (?-1848)
  • Margaret Gleason (c. 1810-?)
Jane White's parents were
  • Patrick White (c. 1800-?)
  • Catherine Doran (c. 1805-?)

The children of Thomas Ryan and Margaret Gleason were as follows (list probably incomplete):
  1. Thomas P. (c. 28 Dec 1828-13 Jan 1898)
  2. Mary
  3. John
  4. Bridget (c. 1836-?)
  5. Patrick (9 Mar c. 1843-10 Feb 1928); married Jane White
  6. James
  7. Edward or Edmund
I don't know anything about the parents of either Thomas Ryan or Margaret Gleason. According to family sources, all of Thomas and Margaret's children were born in County Tipperary, Ireland, near Thurles. After Thomas Ryan's death in 1848, the family emigrated to America.

The children of Patrick White and Catherine Doran were as follows:
  1. John (c. 1839-?)
  2. Mary (c. 1841-?)
  3. Bridget (c. 1843-?)
  4. Margaret (c. 1845-?)
  5. Jane (22 Apr 1847-1 Aug 1900); Ellen's twin; married Patrick Ryan
  6. Ellen (22 Apr 1847-?); Jane's twin; never married
  7. Peter (c. 1850-?)
  8. Martin (c. 1852-?); married Elizabeth Garvey
I don't know anything about the parents of either Patrick White or Catherine Doran. Both Patrick and Catherine were born in Ireland. Family sources say that Catherine was born in County Laois (formerly County Queens) but are silent about Patrick's birthplace. I don't know when they emigrated, whether or not they were married in Ireland, or whether or not any of their children were born in Ireland. Census records show that Bridget, Margaret, Jane, Ellen, Peter, and Martin were all born in the state of New York.
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