Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Revenge of Bad Oman

So yesterday's "Bad Oman" post? I wrote it on a whim, as a joke; but now I think that maybe I was onto something.

Last night, after I'd abandoned the search for the elusive "Emma M.," I began hunting up some background for a future post. One question led to another, and pretty soon I was looking up census records, trying to trace a long-dead shirttail relative. I don't even remember who it was, because I pretty quickly decided I was too sleepy to bother with the guy. So I read a couple news stories, shut down my computer, and stretched out on the couch.

I awoke in darkness, hours later. Where was I? Oh, right--sofa. Living room. Yes.

But something wasn't right. What--what was that deeper shadow in the gloom? It seemed to be looming over me. What was it? It had arms and legs--a person!

Suddenly I knew. It was the man that I'd been hunting in the databases! He'd come for me! His shadow was huge and scary!

With a cry of terror, I flung myself from the couch. Had to get away--out of the living room! The furniture moved to block my path, but I stumbled around it. Walls sprang up in unexpected places, but still I made it to the hallway! There were doors--more doors than usual--too many doors! But somehow, I found the right one, and at last I managed to reach...

...the bed. I threw myself aboard and seized my pillow like a life preserver.

Within seconds, I was back asleep.

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